It was Sunday morning and we were off to church.

Except the first church wasn’t really a church, but a piece of street art. We’d driven north to south through a city half-stunned by sun to find Fight Club, the first of seven frescoes between London, New York, and Puerto…

I SPENT THE FIRST FIVE YEARS of my life in a big city and got used to the kind of daily existence where you didn’t have to go far to find fulfilment. My parents and I lived in Hammersmith, in a Peabody housing association flat with square sash windows and…

Over the 2016/17 winter break I rode buses between Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, and New York City. There was a lot of snow.

I wrote about the snow, among other things, on my old blog, and named the series after a Jeffrey Lewis song. You can find the posts in the link below.

Roll bus roll, take me off, a rolled sweatshirt makes the window soft…

Kate French-Morris

Such is life, such is happiness

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